Awake Breast Augmentation

Salline and Silicone Breast Augmentation under local Tumescent Anesthesia

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The Beauty of Being Awake


Awake Breast Augmentation is COMPLETELY safe, painless, and eliminates the risks of general anethesia ,as we use Local Tumescent Anesthesia.

Whether you are a woman or transgender wanting to complete the transition, Awake Breast Augmentation gives the patient the comfort of not being put completely to sleep.

Contrary to popular belief and criticism, with Awake Breast Augmentation, patients are NOT heavily sedated, nor do they choose their breast implant size while on the surgery table.  

Many misconceptions have surfaced on the internet and we are here to educate our patients on the effectiveness and safeness of this procedure.

When patients come in for their initial consultation, Dr. Anil K. Gandhi discusses with patients what size they would like; and based on measurements Dr. Anil K. Gandhi takes, with a unique measurement technique he has developed himself,  he can then let the patient know what can fit comfortably according to their anatomy and measurements.  At this point in time, the patient is given size recommendations, (a minimum and a maximum point), and is shown samples of the implants to help make a decision.

The day of surgery, patients have the option of their significant other or loved one/friend to come in the O.R. after the doctor has placed the implants ( just right before the doctor closes the incision) to help the patient decide on the final size.  At this point the patient is propped up and can view themselves in a mirror and can decide whether she would like to increase the size to the maximum point of the implant. (This can only be done with saline implants).   

All implants have a minimum and maximum point of fill to reach, and this is the only option they will have at this point in time; assuming that the patients' breasts are symmetrical and that the size of implants are not different.  

In cases of asymmetrical breasts, the option would not be there as the volume would need to be adjusted to compensate for the difference in breast.  

So.....NO, patients do not choose their size while they are on the O.R. table. That would be unprofessional, and unethical to make such an important decision during surgery.

Dr. Anil K. Gandhi has performed over 4,000 successful surgeries and (thankfully) has never had any major complications.



 Saline and Silicone Implants are available to patients under local tumescent anesthesia. We will discuss and answer all of your questions in regards to both implants to help you make an informed decision when choosing which implant is best for you. The Awake Breast Augmentation technique offers patients a more affordable way to having augmentaion with either of these implants.


 •For Transexual/Transgender patients, breast augmentation represents an important step in establishing their feminine identities.

•Transsexual/transgender breast implants can be expensive and are not usually covered by health insurance. The “Awake Breast Augmentation” technique offers transsexual patients an affordable and painless way to having breast augmentation surgery.

Augmentation with Fat Grafting/Transer

Want fuller breasts without implants??? Fat Transfer to the breasts can be an option for you..

We have been performing fat transfers to different areas from the start. 

It is your own fat. Through Liposuction and in a sterile manor, we collect your fat and then re-inject into your breasts.

This procedure is also offered under  the Awake Technique.

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